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Have you figured out how to choose a restaurant for corporate dinners perhaps in an unforgettable location outside the city? A business meeting does not necessarily have to be held in an aseptic boardroom: in fact, why not impress colleagues and employers by choosing a restaurant for corporate dinners truly unique?Increasingly, the idea of maximizing the content of a meeting by expanding the results in terms of productivity and ideas, converges at the table following rules quite different from the past.

Let's see how the world of business dinners has changed.

In Vino Veritas

A phrase that, historically, is attributed to a civilization undoubtedly evolved in the aspect of strategies: the Roman people. The Romans knew how to put on the dinner table many important contents of exchange and mutual growth. It was notorious that, before a battle, generals were brought together by good food (and good wine) to best consider all aspects of a summit meeting . In a sense, they, themselves, were the first to pose the corporate dinner as an important glue to foster the good transmission of the concepts of a strategy.

At the table you don't grow old

Another way of saying that taste is beyond time. Eating well is not a detail and combining good food with good ideas makes us successful and young, current and enlightened. Think of the Knights of the Round Table or, in our days, of certain meetings at the top of large industrial groups where, the roundness of the (set) table, was the sublimation of a common voice and not the action of an individual. Signs that good table creates the atmosphere for elaborating and sharing ideas.

Why a banquet is good way to get down to business

Friendliness or operability. These are the two aspects that lead to sharing a dinner party. A business dinner is organized for:

  • Reward their employees and offer them a special moment;
  • Engaging a company's executives to share a moment of growth.

Award or meeting opportunity. In either case, a working dinner can provide great possibilities, both on the psychological level and on the level of emotional help. Eating together with others is what radically separates us from the animal world, which is known to feed and not feed. We humans place in the kitchen a distinctive element of choice, of togetherness, of taste, of creativity. Eating (and drinking) is therefore positive. It is a way of sharing a space and a taste. It has a strong symbolic sense of exchange therefore. This then facilitates the gratification of a moment, that is, when a dinner becomes the reward for an achievement, or it is a way to be able to match ideas in total relaxation.

The Advocate, good food and business meetings.

Years ago, having many contacts among insiders, Tommaso Guicciardini, Patron of Re Sugo Restaurant, got to know very well the owner of a restaurant in Imola: the San Domenico. At a time when good cuisine was not dictated by television formats, restaurants were chosen for their good name, linked above all to real legends. Fiat, for example, when it had to discuss certain issues loved to sit down at the San Domenico and, at the end of dinner, perhaps uncork a good Cognac that came from the cellars of Napoleon III. Other times, other cuisine, other ways of working and getting to the table.

How to plan a perfect business dinner

In any case, the ideal is to have a private room, with plenty of outdoor space, dedicated to the business meeting without being disturbed by music or large families. So you need a "quiet" environment not shared by others if you need to work. For a convivial best at dinner, for a meeting best at lunch.

Restaurant for corporate dinners: the formula of Re Sugo

Re Sugo is the restaurant for corporate dinners with a unique character, which has all the characteristics to be an ideal place for such occasions as well. In fact, we at Re Sugo have held many business meetings, even with many seats at the table and even at lunchtime, where food was just an integral part of the discussion.

7 p.m.: the meeting outside

Initially it is necessary to meet, dilute the atmosphere with a light appetizer and a few things to eat. The meeting can take place at 7 p.m., perhaps taking advantage of outside tables having to start talking about a particular project. Being in a beautiful and natural setting will help clarify ideas.

8:00 p.m.: dinner starts

At 8:00 p.m. work proceeds at the table and the type of service is always at the plate. One should not be distracted in serving but it is important to share those flavors. Being comfortable at the table facilitates the expression of one's ideas and generates a team spirit.

King Sugo's menu for your corporate dinner party

- Warm and light dishes for appetizers,
- homemade pasta dishes with vegetables,
- white meat main courses paired with fresh salads.

Light, fat-free dishes but firm in flavors. The idea of not using the knife is practical if, some diners, in the company dinner, want to seclude themselves in separate groups, continue to eat but without form problems.

Avoid sugar or excessive alcohol intake.

A rosé wine with low alcohol content can be a good match for delicate and light dishes. Fruit and coffee are a must.
Or again, the menu can be a three-, four- or five-course tasting. We don't have to work with our heads, but create the conditions to feel good together and celebrate the team, the company, the achievements. Tray service speeds up the dinner, allows for better times. Appetizers of cold meats and cheeses with strong flavors, spicy and intense first courses, main courses of meat with side dishes of legumes or stewed vegetables. Dessert should always be there, perhaps paired with a good bitter or a brewed spirit.

A business meeting must involve the use of the restaurant for many hours, a reason that favors lunch and the afternoon period.

Every business dinner is a way to get together

Experiencing work without a team spirit is something that no longer fits the rules of a very competitive world. Stopping and eating together is very creatively interesting team building. Something that Re Sugo and the nearby Le Versegge Residence are able to organize at the highest level.
We will know how to cook your ... ideas very well!

How to choose a restaurant for corporate dinners

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