Yoga in nature: this is also Maremma!

Here are 5 ideas for practicing yoga in the nature of Maremma.

An age-old and now increasingly sought-after activity: practicing yoga in nature means regenerating mind, body and spirit. In these particularly difficult times in history, maintaining inner serenity becomes increasingly complicated.

So if you've been thinking about treating yourself to a "yoga vacation" in Tuscany, it means that you really need it!

Indeed, this ancient discipline works across the board: from posture to circulation, from mood to concentration, from breathing to the quality of thoughts. And carried out in the beauty of nature, it can only increase its effectiveness.

Let's find out together, then, the main reasons for practicing yoga in Maremma.

5 reasons to practice yoga in Maremma nature

The main goal of yoga is to help us to be happy, regardless of external circumstances, and to achieve physical and emotional well-being.

As Sri Pattabhi Jois said, "Yoga is 99% practice and 1% theory." So let's see what are the benefits of practicing yoga in nature:

  1. Reduces stress and anxiety. Practicing yoga in nature means learning to breathe correctly and deeply, to be always present to oneself.
    In the
    nature of the Maremma you will be able to feel yourself part of the whole, in harmony with the universe which, if you remain listening, will not fail to send you its signals. And this article, for example, could be one of them!
  2. Fights depression and promotes sleep.
    The dark evil of the century (depression) often takes over in this society of ours.

    And one of the ways to cope with it is return to nature.
    walks surrounded by greenery, listening to birdsong, watching the sky with its stars and observing the surrounding beauty are just some of the tips to start a new life.

    Then again, the nature of Maremma is a bit like a mother: it heals wounds with its beauty and cuddles in sleep with its sweetness.


  3. It improves posture and strengthens the back.

    Yoga postures (asanas) allow you to activate all the muscles of the body, and to strengthen the joints of legs and arms, increasing their elasticity.
    Stretching exercises, combined with the rhythm of breathing, thus relieve the back muscles as well.
    With a good workout your body will be grateful, you'll see!

  4. Helps you relax and regain your good mood.

    The bad news that now reigns in daily life increases (whether we like it or not) tension, anxiety and fear.

    Nothing worse to cope with life! It takes exactly the opposite:

    confidence, positive thoughts and optimism.

    Breathing in a certain way, even for just half an hour a day, helps to relax the body and mind. And the good mood? It is a consequence of it. Try it to believe!

  5. Increases the ability to concentrate.

    So-called multitasking is now the basis of our days, but it certainly does not help concentration. That's why yoga breathing is a trusted friend. And what better to breathe than n

    With the fresh, clean air of Maremma nature.? Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out...

Yoga vacations in Le Versegge

Choose to spend a yoga vacation in Tuscany means indulging the desire to relax and fully enjoy the nature of this region. In particular at Braccagni, in the heart of the Maremma, you will find a farmhouse immersed in the green countryside, heir to an ancient 19th-century complex: Le Versegge Resort & Restaurant.

Here you can recharge your energy and find the peace necessary not only for yoga practice, but also ideal for unplugging from everything and everyone.

If not now, when? If not here, where?

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